List of BASIC programs for PC-1360

List of PC-1360 BASIC programs (Stand 28.02.2000)

You can load more than one program in your computer when the line numbers don't overlap. To end the transmission you must send the EOT code!

Program file  Program name  Start line  End line  Size  in RAM of PC-1360
2x2_sys2x2 system solver61006120229162
3x3_sys3x3 system solver72007260462317
4gewinnt4 in a row (game)31070020361579
abgrundDepth (game)601061501301897
akkusimuAccu simulator2040170130
annähergFunction tracer (gets X to a given Y)66006650407288
ascicodeCrypting/Decrypting using ASCII code94012401160788
assemblrRAM assembler102601412951
balkrennRace of bars39003930241170
beatmastBeat master13701410198141
beepmlSound producer like BEEP10150459405
befehlerBASIC command POKE routine116752
bernoulliBernoulli chain (stochastic)76007620262196
bildeditPicture manager with several functions160111050193522
bildedit2Picture manager with more functions160112051703630
blokbostBlock booster (game)26064021741600
braintrBrain trainer (using 2 LEDs on serial pin 3 and 5)190260777597
bruchkonFraction converter decimal->fraction77207740145101
bytehuntRAM/ROM search program for up to 4 bytes100112862720
cancanCan Can (song)130210738549
catchenCatchen for 2 players940132024091738
charaddA program from a PC-1360 book1020154148
charmorsConverts a string to Morse code (bytes for the other program)64006410159115
countdwnTimer with alarm12501360404226
datenbnkHomework data base1091027201931
diredit2RAM editor302001025657
doppwrflA dice simulator which shows how often certain numbers are diced76007610183107
duel4Tank wars (2 tanks shooting for 2 players)1086032302454
dwrflsumFormula for dice simulator7620762012472
email_nreMail for PC-1360 (not complete yet)800850479352
endcod1aThe program ending code &1A10
error8Saves data after an ERROR 8 while loading1013250222
faktzerlFast prime number extraction7000700212987
fastplt1Fast plot (Y=X... function plotter)37991600325641780
fastplt2Fast plot 23000341018501396
fastplt3Fast plot 31000200526622027
fastplt4Fast plot 43000341018581399
fastplt5Fast plot 5 with integration3000634029212211
fastplt6Fast plot 6 with integration and zoom3000634029722251
fernstypMan watching TV (animation)1100221036673193
filmWalking around (short film)1550211022781884
fliegjetFlying plane (animation)250027101149860
grafcodeSaves a screen as bytes13101350446290
hexmonitHexadecimal RAM viewer12017823301663
hnfNormals form plain (needs vector calculator)74107440228181
id4Independence Day (game)10107044152746
keybmlKeyboard check with machine language10120372317
komplexeComplex numbers calculator500053101026743
laby_rndSaves random numbers for the game Labyrinth on a big PC80080011562
labyr_mMaster for network Labyrinth (game)11076024751735
labyr_sSlave for network Labyrinth (game)10072022931613
labyrin0Graphic code for Labyrinth with big ways29403070640460
laufbandText band28702930557372
malbytesDraws data as bytes with GPRINT6300630011666
martinsMartins bernoulli calculator80008020235168
mastmindMastermind (game)990129016421062
modmwahlDials a telephone number with a modem1020156111
morseditEdits the morse code61006120199132
morstextMorses a text with BEEP47104740326214
musictrlSends keys from music player to another PC-136035037014496
musieditMusic editor and player116013401043736
netmanHangman for network3805901306909
netman_eReceiver for Netman3805901271887
netmenumMenu from netgames master10100449300
netmenusMenu from netgames slave1090408283
notedit9Music editor and player with many extras7900850039432884
notzdrukPrints notes91093015199
nrmlvertCalculates "Big Fi" of the normal distribution250260195141
pingcom2Ping Commander 267106770582379
pingcommPing Commander30130584391
pointPoint is another Labyrinth game1890236027731994
point2Point 236089025591845
prgscanDisplays Basic programs in RAM600720701448
primzahlFast prime factor extraction7000700213792
pwsearc2My RAM search program using ml with infinite bytes to search for (22 seconds for 32kB RAM)4005201102837
quadrtglSolves a*x²+b*x+c15201560216161
rameditWrites BASIC lines running the program370440445309
ramgraf0Shows RAM with GPRINT102013085
ramgraphThe optimized version of RamGraph33033011265
ramreadSends RAM to big PC7080172120
ramscan0Shows RAM as ASCII12102006510311
ramscnmlAnother advanced RAM search program using ml100112866721
ramsearcA RAM search written in Basic102014191
ramspionReads the registers and the internal RAM and displays them190215996778
relokat2ML relocator2202341077970
remote_eReceiver of PC remote control220265313200
remote_sTransmitter of remote control120215574393
resmodexTransmitter and receiver for reserve mode content340360176102
rndbildRandom picture6000600014078
rubicsRubics strategy game3330388027101867
rw_test0Tests RAM for write protection1550341237
rw_test1Tests RAM for write protection540394243
scheitelThe lowest/highest point of y=ax²+bx+c16301650156120
schifv_eNetwork game sink ships slave600118043573204
schifverNetwork game Sink ships master600118044243227
schusboyShootboy (game)302501276867
setkeybEdits the tones on the keys (for Piano)65306560218154
simpsonSimpson integration63006340322244
smalfontMicro letters74008001185129
sortierSorting program600680531378
spurgeraTrack line points (math)730073008156
statsindProcess indicator (|)303012266
stdplnedSchool plan editor for max. 11 hours a day350370278206
steinmalDraws play stones on a play field140220402308
tastscanKeaybord xheck with ml1012156110
telbuch3Telephone book with modem dialing and sorting function5039016771225
telbuch4Better version5039017281265
telunsorRandom on the phone book entries400410182144
textneteTextnet receiver290320271180
textnetsTextnet transmitter290320271180
transposTransposer for music maker1330134011685
varscanVariable scanner which shows all variables200240471309
vektmastVector calculator with interpreter of formulas71007190805598
vektorm2Better version710071961102848
vektorm3Vector with interpreter and absolute and "x" and "o"710071961208930
vidmastrTV with 7 animations10154057684449
win1360Windows 1360950105016041173
win1360bWindows 1360b920108517091188
win1360cWindows 1360c920111017771222
wortsuchLooks for a word in Hangman360410310224
lab_graf.subOld graphic routine from Labyrinth10001090504309

Additional variables for several programs

Are already included in!

Pictures for Picture Manager
Several songs for "Notedit"
The keyboard assignment for the tones (needed by all music programs)
The morse code for all morse programs
Stochastic constants
50 words for hangman
The characters of the micro letters
Icons for Windows 1360b and 1360c

Useful reserve mode assignments

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