Technical Data of PC-1403

Pin 1
11- Pin Inter- face
Pin 11
PC-1403 from above

Model:PC-1403H Pocket Computer
Processor:8 bit CMOS CPU, 768 kHz clock
Programming Language:     BASIC
System ROM:72 kB ROM
Memory Capacity:System 1,1 kB
Program and DIM variables ?? bytes
Stack:Subs 10, Function 16, FOR..NEXT 5, Data 8
Precision:10 digits (mantissa) + 2 digits (exponent)
Memory Protection:CMOS, battery protected
Display:24 characters, 7*5 pixel per character
Keyboard:77 keys
Power Supply:2 3V lithium batteries CR-2032 or Accu 6V at 11 pin printer interface
Power Consumption:ca. 0.03 watts
Operation Temperature:0C bis 40C
Size:170 (B) * 72 (T) * 9,5 (H) mm
Weight:ca. 150 g with batteries

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