I want to thank you for the help!

Laurent DuveauFor his assembler routine in PocketASM and his information to machine language
Günther WeberFor his many tips to PC-1360
Yves MaingoyFor his machine language manual for PC-E500 and his emulator for PC-1450
Kai LorenzenFor his literature about PC-1360
Peter FixFor his donation of a PC-1360 with two 32kB RAM cards
Tomat Saso-TomazFor his many orders
Dai IshijimaFor his hardware tips
Remy RouvinFor his great emulator for PC-1350
Torsten MückerFor his tips about PC-140x
Edgar PühringerFor testing my page :-)
Dale ShellFor the manual of PC-1403

Copyright © Simon Lehmayr (Parts of my page were made with the help of Laurent Duveau)
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