Pocket Computer

The PC-1360
The PC-1350
The PC-1403
The PC-1475
The PC-E500

Hardware Extensions

The TransDrive interface
The advanced serial cable
The charging device
Paper for the CE-126 printer
The accu pack
The printer CE-126
A self-made RAM card
The inner of PC-1350 (Oscillator)
The inner of PC-1350 (Clock chip)
The inner of PC-1360 (Oscillator)
The inner of PC-1360 (Clock chip)
The infrared interface
The inner of PC-1360 (Extra RAM)
The inner of PC-1403 (Oscillator)
The inner of PC-1403 (Clock chip)
The inner of PC-1475 (Clock chip)
The inner of PC-1475 (Oscillator)

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