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Simon's H2 ZOOM surround converter/encoder h2enc

Useful for the H2 ZOOM, replaces (and surpasses) the payware encoder Vortex Zoom Encoder regarding the 6ch wave output. For the other formats use external encoders or a suitable multi-channel audio editor of your choice.

Makes 6ch wave files out of SRxxxF.WAV and SRxxxR.WAV files (surround recordings of ZOOM H2).
Supports all H2 ZOOM recording formats (including 24bits and 48kHz)!
Usage: h2enc SRxxxF.WAV [SRxxxR.WAV] - optional rear wave, auto detection. You can drag and drop the front wave onto the executable in explorer - no need to open the command line!

Program usage in explorer using drag'n'drop:

Platform: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Type: Command line utility
License: Freeware, Open source under the GPL
Build: C programming language. Use GCC, Visual Studio Express or other C compiler (i.e. Tiny C Compiler) to build.
Notes: Convert 6ch waves after conversion to mp4 with free Nero AAC Encoder "neroaacenc -if 6chwave.wav -of outfile.mp4". Play the surround files with vlc and set audio device to 5.1 - only makes sense when you own a surround speaker system :-)
More notes: The included Ruby script employs the same functionality - if you like slow scripts or don't have a compiler at hand... Ruby is available from download.
Editing: The freeware Audacity can open and display 6ch waves but can only save as stereo.
The freeware Wavosaur can load and save 6ch, but can't save WAVEX. Normally this doesn't matter - if you want you can convert the wave to WAVEX with WaveWizard and patch the channelmask with my included tool chmask.exe.
The pay-ware SonicStage Mastering Studio (often included with Sony VAIO) can work with 5.1 out-of-the-Box and processes H2 ZOOM 6ch files properly.
The pay-ware Nero 7 (Premium) or newer also supports 5.1 with the included Nero Waveeditor.

Download h2enc-Toolset (22kB)
Download example mp4 (866kB)

Copyright © Simon Lehmayr
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