For your big PC

autocon4Automatic line ending code converter: converts CR, LF, CR+LF using drag & drop and creates .BAS (with CR+LF) or .TXT (with CR) files.DOS, Win-
spltfil2Useful for a RAM copy: it removes the CR ending code after each byte.DOS, Win-
pcsenderSends files per drag & drop over COM port 1 or 2 to your pocket computer.DOS, Win-
renumRenums your programs like a pocket computer with step 10 (0 = Quit, drag & drop possible).DOS, Win-
pcscanTests the connection between your big PC and the pocket computer.DOS, Win-
scansizeCalculates the size of your programs in the pocket computer and makes a list.DOS, Win-
ZipDownload above tools as zip!DOS, Win-
PC-1360 iconIcon for your programs.Win
PC-1360 file iconIcon for files.Win
TransDrive program (4kB)It makes the virtual disk drive possible. Use it only in pure DOS!DOS-
PC-Trans 1.72 (180kB)Sends and receives files over COM port 1-4 with configurable parameters.
  • Languages German, English, French, language files are user-editable
  • Recognizes if pocket computer is ready over CTS and checks lines
  • Small and handy, is Windows SendTo compatible
  • Adds program end codes and can convert line end codes
  • File drag & drop
PocketASM 6.0b (0.3-1.8 MB)An editor with inbuilt assembler, disassembler and many extras like inbuilt PcTrans, NEW! graphics designer, music designer, syntax highlighting, converters, macros, help, etc. The rest of the features is like PcTrans!Win
PocketPic (150kB)Converts S/W bitmaps to pocket computer friendly GPRINT code.Win
little C cross-compiler (250kB)Compiles C code for all old Sharp Pocket Computers, featuring 8bit and 16bit math, pointers, arrays, local variables, parameter calls, etc. Includes loader tool and assembler.Commandline-

For the pocket computer:

PC-1360Software for PC-1360
PC-1350Software for PC-1350
PC-1403 (H)Software for PC-1403 (H)
PC-1475Software for PC-1475
PC-E500 (S)Software for PC-E500 (S)

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